After 12 years in the Merchant Navy before the mast and as chief mate I moved abroad for further studies on top of my German Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur für Seeverkehr (FH). Having taken the postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (Shipping) at the then Plymouth Polytechnic, and after completing a
M.Sc. (Maritime Studies) degree at Cardiff's UWIST, I then accepted an opening ashore in the late 1980s in the publishing industry.

Since then I have edited textbooks, manuals and electronic media on the carriage of dangerous goods.

My English < > German dictionary on the subject – a first in the field – was published in 2000 based on research begun in 1981.

For some years now the Gefahrgutverein Deutschland (similar to Ireland's Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors’ Association) counts me as a member, and I have been Chamber-of-Commerce & Industry approved as a driver examiner, the German equivalent to the British invigilation officer.

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