Following publication of my "Wörterbuch Gefahrgut", I started to receive orders for dangerous goods German-to-English translation work, which has been a rewarding activity since. Though some GE-EN work still comes up most translation I now do is from English to German.

There are three subjects I particularly like: the hazmat field, naval and military texts from the first half of the last century, and contemporary general maritime texts.

Occasionally I do SOPs and MSDS, and used to do tremcards until they fell victim to ADR 2007.

I am not available for redoing failed machine translation or revise other non-specialist translators' work in my fields.

My fees are calculated individually, taking into account the complete manuscript and customer preferences on source/target data formats as well as timeframe.


Besides maintaining an updated term base of some 70,000+ entries for the hazmat field, I continually add to my printed assets on both World Wars' technical terminology, with special focus on period nomenclature that is no longer part of contemporary dictionaries and glossaries.

Made-to-measure exerpts from my database can be made available as files for customer use. Even traditional and reformed German spelling is no problem.
A military sample can be seen here that represents less than 10 % of the database:

A few samples can be seen here

I also produce customized glossaries on any transportation, military, or maritime subject, from suitable text, printed or electronic. Just let me have the data and requirements, and I'll work out a quote.

My fields usually require confidentiality, and thus no-one save the taxman will learn who my customers are.

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